Mail it Safe is an electronic messaging solution that secures and track messages and which can also be used by Quebec lawyers for the notification of procedures in accordance with section 134 N.c.c.p. Quick and user-friendly, Mail it Safe integrates directly with your Outlook messaging system and generates the transmission slip to be filed in Court as an evidence of notification. Mail it Safe is available in a Cloud version, hosted in Quebec, as well as in local mode. Mail it Safe does not require any installation on the recipient side while maintaining the integrity of your data.


Notification of procedures

  • In conformity with section 134 N.c.c.p.
  • Send procedures in PDF and other format
  • Obtain proof of delivery and consultation
  • Integrated to Outlook


  • Detailed report confirming if, when and how long the message and its attachments were opened and consulted by the recipients
  • Instant alert the moment the message is opened by a recipient
  • Reminder alert if the message remains unopened by a recipient


  • SSL encryption during the transmission of a message
  • AES encryption of a message when stored on the mail it safe servers
  • Password management options
  • Secure reply from recipients (even if they do not subscribe to the mail it safe service)
Higher productivity and lower operating costs

Send large files

  • Send large files
  • For regular messages
  • To notify procedures
  • For all kind of format
Information privacy

Information privacy

  • Data encrypted during transmission
  • Message encrypted on the server
  • Sender and recipient identity authentication
Ease-of-use for senders, recipients and IT administrators

Ease-of-use for senders, recipients and IT administrators

  • Simple to integrate, deploy and use
  • No software installation required on the recipient side
  • Senders do not alter their email habits
  • Server managed via a Web interface